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fanfic made by my friend..
thanks for letting me repost you fic here in my lj..
domo arigatou ♥♥♥
credit: http://eusho.wordpress.com/page/2/

now here's the story..


Title: When the mind forgets, the heart remembers.


A/N: This is just the trailer of my fic, hope you like it Tere-chan. ^^


The sky is dark. And according to the weather report, a new storm will hit Japan. “Kaa-chan, Please drive faster.  Arashi no Shiyagare is almost starting.” Tere-chan complained.  Her mom gazed at her and removed her gaze at the road.   “This is our car’s limit Tere-chan so please be patient. We’ll reached our home in no time.” Her mom tried to explain. “Wakatta.” She said and pouted. Her mom noticed her looking at a letter. “What’s that Tere-chan?” Her mom asked. “Is that for Sho-kun?” “Yes, I will send it to their address soon.” “Oh, I’m sure he’ll like it.” “Hope so.”

They were busy talking that her mom did not noticed the truck in front of them.

“Mom look out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Breaking news, a small car was hit by a 10-wheeler truck.  The driver of the truck was dead and also one of the two passengers of the small car. A 25 year old girl survived the accident and unbelievably she only got minor injuries.

“Can you tell us what happened her miss?” The reporter ask Tere-chan. Her head is still hurting and her vision is still blurry. And suddenly, she fainted.

“Urrrghh” Groggily, Tere-chan opened her eyes. She saw an Old man standing in front of her. “Where am I?” “You’re here at Keio University Hospital. You got involved in a car accident and luckily, you’re the only one who survived.” The man explained her.

“Dare da?” Tere-chan asked. “Eh?! What do you mean? It’s me, you’re father’s closest friend, Johnny-san. Can’t you remember me?” She moved her head left and right. “How about your name? Do you remember who are you?” “No.” She answered.

Then the doctor went inside, and explained everything. The impact of  the car affected her brain so much that it cause amnesia. It may take time to recover her memories and there are some procedures to make her memory go back faster. But it is not considered as one-hundred percent succesful.

“Wakatta.” Johnny-san said. “Tere-chan, do you want to regain your memories?” “Hai. Certainly” She answered dedicatedly. “Wakatta, then come with me in my office. It might help you regain your memories.” “Hai.”

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04 November 2009 @ 12:20 pm
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03 November 2009 @ 12:56 pm

23 October 2009 @ 09:51 am
presenting.. yatterman..
really like this movie though, there are some parts that really broke my heart..
but every time he smiles. . its somehow fades away and turns into a happy one.

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17 August 2009 @ 12:39 pm
here's another one,, n_n


22 July 2009 @ 10:29 pm
i just wanna share my experience,,

july 10, '09 4:00pm
OR osmun

i was so happy today coz this is my not actually my first time, but my second time to be a scrub nurse,, means,, im assisting in giving instrument to the doctor,,

well,, when its not starting yet,, im really really nervous and dont know what to do,, even if its not my first time, my C.I that time was not there,, maybe, one factor why, i dont want at first to do it,, but becuase of my groupmates**there support** and the other C.I,, i have to do it,,

when i was there, i really dont know what to do,, but as the operation goes by,, my nervous is gone and im enjoying it,,
i should be alert on what they are doin, focusing on whatever they do,,

i was very happy when the operation was finished,,
and one thing that added to that happines is when the other C.I from he other cluster, praised me,,

i was really happy that time, coz i didnt expecting that he will say that,,

my day went fine and more exciting,, and i want to do that again,,
this time,, more attentive and focused,,
22 July 2009 @ 08:04 pm
finally,, exam is over,, my head really ache on the past days, and i cant really concentrate on my study,, but now its over,, im now worry on the result,, hope,, even if i'm sick that time,, i can pass my exams,,

that same day,, we met an old friend,, its was all fun,, we really missed each other,,
sharing of experience,, exchanging of stories,,

we even go to a photo-shop to take picture for a remembrance,,
exchanging of no. and everything,,
we're realy crazy there,, just like a kid playing,,

it was really a funny and laughter that day,,
we're very noisy and we don't even care for the people around us,,
that's how we missed our friend,,

we are hoping that we could do it some other time,,
and this time,, it would be more excitement and more time for it,,